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Senior Game Programmer (Unity)


Aquiris is looking for a professional with proven experience in game development, to work in the Looney Tunes World of Mayhem mobile game. Your primary activities will be architecture and develop the game client in Unity Engine, delivering high quality, high performance and clear code that will be maintained by the entire team, mentor developers with less experience than you, iterate and develop systems with the design and product team.


  • Develop games using Unity Engine, targeting iOS and Android devices
  • Integrate game client with various SDKs and backend services


  • Bachelor degree in computer science, or equivalent work experience
  • 5+ years of experience working with OO languages (C#, C++ or Java)
  • Solid knowledge about system engineering
  • Solid knowledge in math, data structures, and algorithms
  • Good problem anticipation and long term project vision
  • Advanced read/write English
Major Pluses:
  • Experience working with a team of developers during the development cycle of the game.
  • Professional experience in Unity
  • Understanding of Unreal Engine
  • Experience working with agile methodologies



Aquiris is looking for a Producer to join our team in Porto Alegre. As a producer you will be leading a development track on Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem, one of the most successful mobile games launched recently. You will work closely with the team on planning and generating milestone goals, ensuring the features are delivered on time and on budget, and at the highest quality standards. You will be responsible for overseeing the entire feature development cycle, making sure the communication between cross functional areas is flowing optimally.


  • Work collaboratively with a team of designers, programmers and artists to clearly define features scope and schedule.
  • Effectively communicate the development plan to all team members.
  • Facilitate the collaboration between areas, working to solve any impediment hindering the development progress.
  • Manage the team's day-to-day activities and track the development progress.
  • Maintain close communication with developers to ensure they meet deadlines, objectives and quality standards.
  • Maintain close communication with the project stakeholders and ensure the product vision is clear for the team.
  • Keep close attention to the team morale and work to keep the team motivated.
  • Manage the entire feature development cycle, from creative concepts to release.


  • 2+ years of managing cross functional teams.
  • Experience working with agile methodologies; using industry standard project management tools.
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills; attention to detail.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, both in Brazilian Portuguese and English.

QA Analyst


The QA Analyst will be responsible for creating and implementing test plans for a high profile mobile project. You will assist in test planning, budgeting, and team mentorship of staff as well as coordinating test efforts with the publisher and any outsourced test teams. You will collaborate and coordinate with peers and senior management to ensure the quality of the final product.


  • Estimate, prioritize, plan and coordinate testing activities.
  • Writing and maintaining test cases;
  • Develop and apply testing processes.
  • Liaise with internal teams (e.g. developers and product managers) to identify system requirements.
  • Track quality assurance metrics, like defect densities and open defect counts.
  • Stay up-to-date with new testing tools and test strategies.
  • Design, develop and execute automation scripts using open-source tools.
  • Liaison with publisher counterparts to ensure guidelines & standards compliance.
  • Manage bug reports, bug database, & QA reports.
  • Manage team on a day-to-day business.
  • Build successful working relationships with external publisher and vendor counterparts.


  • 4 + years of experience in QA and test automation.
  • Intermediate English (writing)
  • Good understanding of general testing strategies
  • Experience in working with remote teams and working with a cross functional team that is distributed around the globe.
  • Understanding of quality assurance techniques, frameworks and methodologies
  • Passion for electronic games.

Backend Programmer


Aquiris is looking for a Backend programmer to join the Porto Alegre team. You will work on the backend technology on the Looney Tunes World of Mayhem game. You will be a crucial member of our engineering team and will help with designing, building, and maintaining systems necessary to allow millions of users to play the game concurrently. You love scaling large systems, automating AWS, designing RESTful APIs, and keeping response times low (sub-100ms). We love engineers who are strong in Java, C#, Python, Google Go, have experience building on AWS, and know their way around its services.

  • Design, architect and implement high-traffic, large-scale web APIs
  • Build infrastructure on top of AWS services: DynamoDB, Cloudformation, RDS, Redis, SQS, Route 53
  • Automate every point of the backend processes
  • BSCS or equivalent working experience, plus a minimum of 3 years working in software development, or similar engineering environment.


  • Strong experience developing data-driven web applications in Java or C#
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented design and software development principles
  • Strong understanding of web-based architecture (web servers, load balancing, caching, databases, replication, etc.)
  • Experience working with RESTful frameworks.
  • Experience working with large amounts of data using SQL and NoSQL (Redis, DynamoDB) databases
  • Experience working with version control (Git)
  • Experience working with Java or C#, and understanding of one dynamic language (Python, Javascript)
  • Outstanding problem-solving capabilities, analytical and critical thinking, excellent verbal and written communication skills
Experiences that count as a major plus:
  • Cloud development/deployment/management (preferable AWS)
  • Experience scaling and monitoring systems on AWS
  • Experience working with systems engineering
  • Experience doing full stack development
  • Experience automating systems orchestration with Ansible and/or CloudFormation, or similar technology.
  • Familiarity with working on large-scale, high volume applications
  • DevOps Tools (Chef, Vagrant, Docker)

Senior Game Designer (Free2Play)


Aquiris is searching for an unique talent to join the Porto Alegre team. You will work on Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, a game launched in partnership with Scopely. We are searching for a professional committed to the quality of the product, with experience in game development, a deep understanding of F2P model, system, gameplay mechanics, and has demonstrated experience balancing F2P strategy games.

If you have these skills, come join our team!


  • Structure and maintain game configurations and spreadsheets.
  • Work together with the product team as well as programmers, designers and artists to define, plan and iterate on game mechanics that aim to leverage business goals.
  • Fine tune and balance gameplay systems and economy based in player behavior data and evolution of the game's competitive environment.
  • Document and refine mechanical concepts and product requirements.
  • Write technical documents that effectively convey the objective of a mechanic or configuration to the other members of the team, both internal and external.
  • Drive the design team's excellence through excellence in performance and quality.
  • Contribute to the LiveOps in a dynamic and living game already in the market. Take design decisions backed up by metrics analyzed in the game.
  • A genuine interest in F2P and mobile games, as well as the wider world of gaming


  • A minimum of 7 years as a game designer, and proven success working on a mobile F2P game, preferably from operating a live game.
  • Familiarity with RPG/Character Collection F2P games.
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken.
  • Extraordinary skills in writing documents in English.
  • Ability to quickly and efficiently express gameplay concepts.
  • Deep knowledge of data structuring and spreadsheet operations.
  • Knowledge of script languages and ability to create advanced behaviors applied to the game's mechanics.
  • Strong verbal, written and visual communication skills.
  • Able to work in multidisciplinary teams
  • Able to challenge established concepts and bring innovative solutions
  • Proficiency with Unity3D and Git are great pluses.

Analista de Departamento Pessoal


A Aquiris está à procura de uma Analista de Departamento Pessoal para se unir a equipe de Porto Alegre. Conosco, você poderá atuar junto a pessoas apaixonadas por tecnologia, usando suas habilidades para nos apoiar com práticas de Departamento Pessoal que proporcionem positivas experiências para o nosso time.


Processamento da folha de pagamento, 13º salário, férias e rescisões (lançamentos, cálculos, provisões, contabilização e conciliações); Controle de férias; Homologações de rescisões na empresa ou no sindicato; Apuração e conferência de impostos e encargos trabalhistas (INSS, DARF, FGTS e Contribuições Sindicais); Envio de declarações obrigatórias (GFIP, CAGED, DIRF E RAIS); Conduzir e acompanhar afastamentos previdenciários; Acompanhar alterações na legislação trabalhista e Convenção Coletiva de Trabalho (dissídios e contribuições); Manter laudos de segurança e medicina do trabalho atualizados (PPRA, PCMSO, PPP); Certidões Trabalhistas de regularidade; Implantação e manutenção do ESocial; Manutenção do Relatório Socioambiental (CRP); Acompanhar auditoria externa relativa a assunto no Departamento Pessoal; Controle de cotas de Jovens Aprendizes e PCD’s; Realizar melhorias relativas a processos (padronização de processos e controles internos, manuais operacionais e para funcionários); Atendimento e suporte aos funcionários.


Experiência profissional mínima de 5 anos com Departamento Pessoal. Sólido conhecimento com Senior Sistemas. Domínio de legislação trabalhista e eSocial. Graduação em contabilidade, Administração ou Recursos Humanos e Excel intermediário.


Ter atuado em empresas de Tecnologia; Experiência com provisão e contabilização de folha de pagamento; Noções de centro de custo e plano de contas. Conhecimento em ferramentas Google Drive.